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Meet The Team


Matt Swilley

Founder, Managing Director

I got my start under one of the largest builders in the Southeast. Over the course of my career I've developed, bought, and sold more than 100 million in Commercial Real Estate. You can find me scaling our top flight acquisitions team, analyzing deals, and effectively growing LeConte's portfolio of recession resilient assets. 


Pete Pratti

Partner, Capital Markets

As a budding investor, I received my start in real estate in the multi-family syndication world. I have bought and sold everything from apartments to mobile home parks to RV Parks. Matt and I currently own about 1,200 MH and RV lots and numerous Apartments. I'm a commercial broker and specialize in dispositions and raising equity at Leconte.

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Sam Barr

Partner, Operations

Matt and I met by way of transacting on numerous multifamily properties worth several million. As a former banking executive, I'm a natural numbers and systems guy and excel in the management and value creation process of our many assets throughout the Continental USA. The bulk of my experience has been in the Self Storage, Manufactured Housing, and Apartment sectors. 

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Jack Hranec



Mason Moore



Tyler Abbett



Amalie Meer

Asset Coordinator


Caity Elkins

Transaction Coordinator

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