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Welcome to LeConte Communities

Generating legacy wealth while providing quality and pride of ownership affordable housing.

LeConte Communities has developed, bought, and sold everything from Self Storage, Apartments, Mobile Home Parks, Marinas, to RV Resorts. We focus on recession-resilient asset classes that outperform in both good and bad economies.

Recession-Resilient Investing

We aim to provide our investors with innovative investment opportunities designed to thrive in today’s uncertain and tumultuous economic environment.

The partners at LeConte are best-in-class operators that specialize in acquiring, managing the day-to-day operations, and optimizing income producing assets.

Investment opportunities are sourced directly, without brokers, and vetted through a strict underwriting process. Investors benefit from exclusive access to deals and professional asset selection with strong upside potential.


self storage

RV & Marina Resorts

Mobile Home Parks

Convenience Stores

Farm Land

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